Marianne Sweeny Response to IA Institute Recall Petition & Other Misinformation

How Worthy Crusades Become Witch Hunts

Fight Club: What I Learned from Being IA Summit 2017 Conference Co-Chair

Conferences are where I continue my education in information architecture, search engines, user experiences, content strategy and digital marketing. I find the matches to set my magical thinking on fire at Conferences. Presentations and workshops help me to organize my thinking around key discipline topics and to refine the thinking thanks to colleague feedback.


The IA of AI
World IA Day 2017 Vancouver
Convey UX

UX is the New SEO
EuroIA Summit 2013
Enterprise Search & Discovery 2014


Digital Marketing Innovation Summit 2017 | Connections & Context: The ROI of AI
IA Summit 2016 | Found It, Increasing Satisfaction with IA and SEO
IA Summit 2015 | Group Think: System Thinking, User Thinking, Design Thinking
Enterprise Search and Discovery 2015 | Design the Search Experience
Friends of Search 2015 | What UX, IA and SEO Can Teach Each Other
SMX Social Media 2014 | The Social Experience
OMcap (Online Marketing Capital) Berlin 2014 | UX and SEO (Awarded Best Presentation of the conference)
SMX Advanced 2014 Periodic Table of SEO | Use Experience Ranking Factors
Information Architecture Summit 2014 | UX is the New SEO Workshp
SMX (Search Marketing Expo) Toronto 2013 | Advanced User-Focused Keyword Research
Enterprise Search Summit 2012 | Designing Search to Meet Customer Expectations
Search Solutions (British Computing Society London) November 2011 | Successful Enterprise Search by Design (By Invitation)
User Focus (User Experience Professionals Association) 2012 | Birds, Bears and Bs: Optimal SEO
Polish Information Architecture Summit 2011 | Defining the Search Experience (Keynote)
Information Architecture Summit 2010 )
SharePoint Best Practices conference 2009 | Enterprise Search
Eloqua Marketing Effectiveness Summit 2009)
EuroIA Summit 2009 (Plenary)
Microsoft Office Sharepoint Conference 2008)
Enterprise Search Summit West 2008)
Enterprise Search Summit West 2007)
Information Architecture Summit 2007 | SEO and IA: A Beautiful Friendship
Information Architecture Summit 2006 | Search Engine Model


Portent Webinar Series January 2013 | How to SEO and Terrific and Profitable User Experience
Presentation Slides

Potent Webinar Series October 2013 | Save Time Money and Bloodshed with Soft System Methodology
Presentation Slides


ASIST Bulletin October/November 2007: IA and SEO: Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
ASIST Bulletin August/September 2011: Defining the Search Experience
Boxes and Arrows: Book Review Distant SUmmit of Enterprise Design by Milan Guenther
UX Magazine Interview
Portent Blog
SEMrush Blog
FatDUX Blog