Marianne Sweeny
Marianne Sweeny

Information That is Visible, Usable, Findable

Not so long ago, I noticed a connection between information architecture (IA) and how search engines work. For the last 20 years, I have followed a seemingly heretical path of taking and IA approach to SEO, UX and content strategy. My “heresy” is the firm belief that putting all of these together in the right order produces a site that sits on the top of personalized search results for customers that want what you have to offer. Unlike other notable heretics, I have survived to see much of my heresy become dogma.

The mission of Daedalus Information Systems is to bring you a strategy that produces structure, user experience, technical SEO and deep, rich content that engages both search engine machine intelligence and human visitors. The end results are online properties are highly visible and deliver online experiences that convert.

Daedalus Information Systems is ready to learn more about your business and your information needs so that together we can help your customers, stakeholders, and employees find the information that they need and find it faster.

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