Daedalus Information Systems

Unlike other notable heretics, I was not confined to my room or burned at the stake and it did not take as long for the heresy to become dogma.

Not so long ago, I noticed a connection between information architecture (IA) and how search engines work. Structure is meaningful to Google along with a few other things like user experience, sound technical search engine optimization (SEO) and a content strategy that delivers rich content. Put them all together and you have a site that sits on the top of search results for customers looking to be found.

Service Offerings

  • Information Architecture [structure information on a Web site]
  • User Experience [structure information on a Web page]
  • Search Engine Optimization [structure Web page code for placement in Search Engine results]
  • Search Engine Marketing [structuring analytics tracking, online marketing campaigns, conversion rate optimization]

Daedalus Information Systems is ready to learn more about your business and your information needs so that together we can help your customers, stakeholders, and employees find the information that they need and find it faster.